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Fidgets And Sensory Toys

Welcome to Happy Hands Fidgets .com! This site was made to put all the best fidgets and sensory toys together in one place. Have a look around and see if there is a toy that would fit you or your child or yourself. Lets face it, everyone fidgets at one time or another whether it be from anxiety, ADHD, Autism, or just stress, having a fidget toy by you is helpful for focus and relaxation.

Here is a list of my favorite ones from Happy Hands

Magnetic Fidget Pen


Use it as a ink pen, or use as a fidget toy once you are busy thinking at work or school. Keep hands busy while working or journaling. This eye-catching, magnetic fidget top, fun-to-use pen toy helps develop ambidextrous hand and eye coordination and fine motor skills for Autism, FASD, special needs.

Fidget toys are self-regulation tools to help with focus, attention, calming, and active listening. Fidgets come in all different shapes, sizes, and textures and are often referred to by various different names. Stress balls, tangles, and squigglets can all be used as fidget toys to promote
movement and tactile input that is critical for some people.


Bike Chain Key Ring Fidget


Subtle, portable and easy to use with one hand or two, this clever fidget tickles the intellect and the imagination. Perfect for adults, teens and children above five years old. It tucks easily in your pocket making it accessible on the go: at work, in school, or even on a date. This gem could be a fun conversation starter! In a professional environment, twirl it in one hand to help with concentration while enjoying the repetitive tactile experience. It whirls end over end and if you are imaginative the motion can recall a trip to your favourite fairground ride or the dance of planets and moons. It is visually pleasing to watch. Give it a slow turn to exercise your intellect uncovering the mystery of its orbit. Enjoy the gentle weight of the cool metal and squeeze the silicone rings for a gratifying resistance. No matter how you use it revel in the satisfaction of each complete rotation and the beginning of one anew. You control the motion.

Stainless Steel Spinner Ring


Searching for a fidget tool that exhales a sonnet to subtlety while nodding to your fluid sense of style? The spinner ring is your go to! This tactful, understated ring sits comfortably on your finger pairing with your existing jewelry or splendid on its own. It is the perfect gender-neutral spinner to wear to work, the movies, lunch with a friend, the opera, a cathedral or basically anywhere you prefer your need to spin to be nearly undetectable. The Spinner Ring is simple enough to blend seamlessly no matter your style or urban locality. Should the need for fidget-powered concentration arise, the outer ring spins freely around the ring’s base, providing the meditative relief you expect of a spinner. It can be used with one hand especially if sized for your index finger. Makes a soft, pleasing chiming sound when you spin it fast. Slide your thumb side to side on the outer ring for a thoughtful reflective experience. Perfect for teens and adults to assist with focus and relaxation. Happy spinning accessible to all, wherever you need it!

Mini Infinity Cube Fidget


This fidget is unbelievably fun and addictive to play with. Hinges connect all the cubes giving them a back and forth motion meaning you can keep flipping it endlessly for hours of soothing fidget bliss. The movements are smooth but it does make a little clicking when it’s being used so it’s not totally silent. Small enough to fit in a desk or your pocket it’s the perfect fidget for kids or adults. This is the mini version which is slightly smaller than the original one.

Amazing Color Changing Putty



Tickle your inner artistic love of colour with the Amazing Colour Changing Putty! Like all putty you can manipulate, knead, twist, stretch and pleat it but with the added pleasure of body heat activated colour-changing fun. It is art in real time, fluctuating while you create. W hen you are finished it will cool and settle back into its resting colour, ready to be remoulded into something new. Before you begin sculpting, take the time to warm the putty by kneading it in your hands watching it slowly change colour; great for building up hand strength. Once the putty has transformed, form it into simple or complex shapes and watch your creation change as you work it. For example: form a piece into a ball. Using the rest of the putty, make fine strings to wrap around the ball as if rolling up a ball of wool. See how the pieces contrast as they change temperature. The more you wrap it and the finer the strands, the more complex the effect . Great for visual and tactile sensory pleasure! Amazing Colour Changing Putty comes in four happy, creative colours for ages three and up!

Spiky Sensory Magnetic Balls


Visually appealing, these two gleaming sunny orbs are perfect for using in one hand or two for anyone ages five to adulthood. Unlike other spiky fidgets the Spiky Sensory Magnetic Hand Toy is made from a hard plastic and does not give when you squeeze your hand around it. The resistance of each nodule provides a beneficial and satisfying pressure. Be sure to roll it around each finger to gratify your touch seeking nerves and ease that restless squirmy feeling. But here is the best part : Each orb is lightly magnetized! Turn the orbs until they attract together, turn them again and watch them repel against each other! The magnetic attraction is light enough to allow you to freely move the orbs without them sticking continuously but heavy enough that they will support the weight of the other when you lift them. Hold them just close enough together to feel the invisible magnetic pull or resistance . Can you make one move by only moving the other? Spin them around each other in one hand to help improve dexterity. Can you keep theme apart while they orbit? Be prepared for these little stars to become a surprise favourite in your fidget library!

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